Law of Attraction and Sports Hypnosis helped create an Olympic Medalist-unlock YOUR potential TOO

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Hello I am Angela Bailey,

3 Time Olympian, Olympic Medalist,Canadian 100 meter Record Holder, Lawyer, Artist, and Success Coach.

Are you curious how law of attraction and sports hypnosis can help you with your personal development?

In this Video, I talk about how Your passion can transform your life. It is never too late.

Are you curious how law of attraction and sports hypnosis can help you with your personal development? Do you know what law of attraction is? Did you know that everything in the universe is vibration? Or some might say energy. And that law of attraction brings to you what you are vibrating. If you do not know what law of attraction is, then you are creating your life by accident or default. For example, you watch negative news on TV and you feel bad, then talk to all your friends about the negativity. That negativity influences your life, and you create life by default. You are vibrating negativity. And law of attraction brings you negative life events.

Do you know how law of attraction can help you? It can help you create your life on purpose or deliberately. For example, you choose good feeling things to watch on TV, now you begin to live your life on purpose. You are vibrating positive energy, you feel good, and law of attraction brings you good things in your life. Law of attraction is the creative process. It is about creating the life you want. Law of attraction is about your power in the NOW. It is like the bigger part of yourself that responds to what you MEAN and how you are feeling about yourself.

L.A Olympics

I used law of attraction and sports hypnosis to become an Olympic medalist. The intense focus, persistence, and discipline is beyond most peoples comprehension. Then I went onto become a lawyer, despite the fact that I had no education after my track career. With over a decade of focus as an athlete, I understood that success is a mindset. You can be whatever you want, and overcome any obstacle life has to throw your way with the right attitude. I can teach you how to develop that mindset. Now that we are post 2012 it is easier than ever before to have a champions mindset in all areas of your life.

Law of attraction is a LAW of the universe. It can never be turned off. At its most basic form it states: What you put out you get back. So, all humans are energy beings or vibration beings. You are vibration, your thoughts are vibration or energy, and what you think creates your life.

Again, at its most basic form it states: If you put out negative thoughts, you get it back. If you put out positive thoughts, you get that back. However, the law of attraction is much deeper than that, because your life circumstances show you how your thoughts are creating your reality. If life is great in all ways then, your thoughts are vibrating back a great reality. Jump for joy, since you are living the life you want.

If your life sucks, then your thoughts are focused on the negative long enough to bring you that reality. Are you in a job you hate, and feeling trapped? Do you feel like your life is an endless circle of struggle? Are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you given up on finding a soul mate? Are you so ill you feel hopeless? I can help you change that reality. If you would like to book a session with me to create the life of your dreams, contact me Now.

As a former Olympic athlete, I use the example of law of attraction and sports hypnosis to demonstrate how this powerful law of the universe can bring you success in any sport you want. Remember however, that law of attraction impacts every aspect of your life not just sport, whether you understand it or not. It is working all the time like the air you breathe. Like Gravity.

Today I am a Success Coach, and I work with people just like you to help you understand how your thoughts (vibrations) influence every moment of your life. I help you achieve better health, better finances, find your soul mate, and attract great abundance and prosperity.

On a deeper level you are consciousness and are affecting everything around you including yourself every day. If you do not understand how your consciousness shapes the reality around you, then you are living in an illusion. An illusion is a distortion of your senses. For example your senses include sight, taste, feeling, etc. You are living in an illusion, because when you look out at the world all you see is the world in front of you.

However, there is much more in that world than what your eyes can see. When you begin to use your consciousness to see more than your eyes can see or to make changes in the world with your thoughts, then you begin to lift the veil of that illusion. As you raise your vibration, you then become whole and enlightened. I can teach you how to use your thoughts to become an instant manifestor, meaning as soon as you have a thought of something you want it becomes reality. For example, if you want someone, a customer, to buy a product from your store or website, then all you have to do is think about it and it will happen. Impossible you say! I will teach you how. However, you have to understand the basis of who you really are before any of this can happen.

As mentioned above, I am a Success Coach, you can even think of me as an Awakening Coach. I help you awaken to who you really are, to be your best and whole self. Maybe you have spent years in traditional therapy talking, but the problem still remains? Today that is no longer necessary. You no longer have to spend years doing therapy to heal any disease or disorder. You can do much of this on your own, just by understanding you attract everything to you even your own healing. I have learned many healing modalities to help you including meditation and hypnosis. Both these tools help you raise your vibration. I mention the others below. Contact me now, if you would like a session today. Perhaps you want to change something in your life, but you are just stuck?

L.A Olympics

I understand, because I was once stuck, but I over came fear and anxiety, and mastered my mind. Hypnosis helped me to become an Olympic medalist, and later I made Canadian History.

My aim in creating this website is to share with you what I discovered about the power of the mind with law of attraction and sports hypnosis.

You will benefit from my over 25 years experience.

I share with you on my Audio-Podcast(on the left or below) how I began using the law of attraction, by accident, and how it helped me move towards my dreams. Like you I did not know that law of attraction is a rule of the universe. Like gravity it just exists and operates whether I am aware of it or not. However, when I understood it, I used it deliberately.

I applied both the law of attraction and sports hypnosis to create my dreams. Are you ready to align with your dreams? Do you even know how to make your dreams a reality?

My purpose is to present information so that once you understand how the law of attraction works you can begin to create the life you always wanted deliberately, instead of by chance or accident.

Click on Unconscious Mind(on the left or below) for more details. If you are an athlete, follow the links and learn how the law of attraction and sports hypnosis can move you to success.

Your can also benefit by using my Olympic sports hypnosis CD that I created from the same script that made it possible for me to win an Olympic medal. This CD uses the principles of both the Law of Attraction and sports hypnosis.

And if you are not an athlete, follow the links and see how living in a life of passion can create the life that you strive for.

Hypnosis is only one way to uncover the power of your mind. However, using law of attraction and sports hypnosis allowed me to realize what I have always believed. I did not have to cheat by taking performance enhancing drugs to be a winner. I was a risk taker. I was not irresponsible and foolish.

L.A Olympics

Remember your beliefs are THOUGHTS that can move you to action or defeat you.

I believed in my natural ability, and using hypnotherapy enhanced that ability.

Hypnosis' greatest power is its ability to use suggestions to create beliefs that are proven to move you to action. It allowed me to be courageous and take intelligent risks that paid off.

Science shows that your mind does not know the difference between fantasy and reality.

It is up to you to feed it positive thoughts and images. So, after you have listened to the Podcast, and read the Unconscious Mind info, you can begin to create positive change.

For those of you that are interested you will find a number of free self hypnosis scripts throughout the site, and I have provided instructions on how to use them on my Self Hypnosis page.

After many years of successfully using the law of attraction and sports hypnosis, I found some other powerful techniques that I share with you in the hopes that it will help you move forward and discover your own untapped resources….

These authentic methods include Hypnosis….

Hypnosis works with your IMAGINATION at the level of the subconscious mind where all your past memories reside. Traditional therapies work with your will power at the level of the conscious mind, which stubbornly holds onto the familiar and resists change. Hypnosis creates NEW pictures for your imagination, and can work in days or weeks rather than years. Think of what it would be like to be the person you always knew you could be…To finally solve that concern.

For over 25 years, I used hypnosis in sports or sports hypnosis to succeed.

Let me show you “HOW TO” succeed…

with the Widely endorsed Time Line Therapy® method

It is a revolutionary talk therapy that cuts through the conscious mind and works instantly. Like magic it goes into your subconscious past to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your fear, anger, sadness, guilt….

Proven results in days or weeks, not years.

And we won’t stop there, because the highly

Successful Neuro Linguistic Programming approach or...

NLP is a talk therapy that REVEALS the parts of you holding you back. Yes you can

Eliminate procrastination,

lack of motivation

or unwanted behaviors…in

1 or 2 sessions…

These new methods are dependable and SAFE,

And with my background as a certified Time Line Therapist®, and certified NLP practitioner, I show you how to overcome your obstacles QUICKLY and PERMANENTLY.

Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® , NLP , EFT, and too many others I have learned are therapies for NOW and the future. Traditional talk therapies remain unchanged for over one hundred years, so why waste your TIME when you could be living your life today.


As an elite athlete, my use of law of attraction and sports hypnosis allowed me to overcome my fear and anxiety and achieve my dream…to become an Olympic silver medalist.

What are your DREAMS?

You have an opportunity to experience therapies that work in DAYS OR WEEKS not years…a chance to live your life to the fullest now…

Today I offer you a full spectrum of mind, body, and soul or energy healing. For Your mind I offer law of attraction and sports hypnosis, clinical hypnosis, Time line Therapy, and NLP. For Your body I offer suggestions on your eating habits.

And as a certified Healing Hands Practitioner, I offer You a revolutionary spiritual blessing for your soul. It removes blockages at the soul or energetic level that might be holding you back from achieving your dreams and from healing illness and disease.

Don't let fear hold you back. Contact me today to experience these unique methods including sports hypnosis

How using law of attraction and sports hypnosis helped me achieve my dreams of an Olympic medal...My story......

I first became involved with self hypnosis as a young athlete around the age of 20. I was faced with a major challenge. A psychological barrier, my first real obstacle, stood in my way.

It was a work-out that only a few elite athletes in the world could do. This was my Mount Everest. I was told by my coach that if I wanted to move to the next level of my personal development that it had to be done.

Will power was unable to help me.

I did want to move to the next level, but for months, each time I stood at the start line to begin the work out, I felt this overwhelming feeling of nausea and dizziness. I just could not do it.

I think it is important to note that I never really had to go through this obstacle if I had chosen to take performance enhancing drugs. I simply could have swallowed some drugs, felt no pain, and just moved forward. Many athletes in my sport were taking the easy way out. You can read about the consequences of irresponsible risk taking on my Sport Doping page.

However, for me cheating by taking drugs was just not an option. So back to my story....

Every time I approached to begin the work out, I 'willed' myself to do it by saying positive statements and imagining an Olympic medal around my neck, but those negative feelings stayed right with me. I knew the workout was going to hurt, and I would be in a lot of pain.

Imagination always wins over will power...

Finally I realized that I could not allow fear, in this case the fear of pain, to keep me from my dreams. I was saying and thinking that I was the best, and as the law of attraction predicts you will attract to you all the things you need to achieve your dreams. I decided to go to the library, and search for some answers, and I found a book about hypnosis in sports (self hypnosis). I copied the script and made some changes in the language for sprinting.

It was Thursday, and I was determined to do the workout on Monday. This was the first time I used the law of attraction and sports hypnosis in a deliberate way.

On Monday, I stood at the start line with the guys (no female athlete could run as fast as me), and I accomplished what had been impossible with 'will power', and instead I tapped the power of my subconscious or unconscious mind, and overcame my obstacle.

Law of attraction and sports hypnosis helped me move to the next level, and it can help YOU unlock YOUR potential.

I improved so quickly, because my body was already prepared to do what my conscious mind or will power would not let me. I was already a world class athlete, but my goal was to become an Olympic medalist. That year, because of the breakthrough I broke the existing Canadian Record for the 100 metres. The next year at age 22 I had my Olympic medal.

You too may be ready to move to the next level of your development, but you accept the fear of the unknown, and do nothing. Let Hypnosis unlock the potential inside you.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a form of deep relaxation. You may be familiar with stage hypnosis, as it can be used for entertainment. However, professional clinicians use this state of deep relaxation to reach the unconscious and input positive suggestions to help their clients achieve goals, overcome limiting decisions, and release negative emotions.

I used law of attraction and sports hypnosis, but you may want to use hypnosis for cancer management, anger management, weight loss, or some other form of self improvement. Hypnosis has wide applications.

You are in control of the hypnosis process.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. It is you, and only you that can allow the positive suggestions to reach the unconscious.

You are always in CONTROL, because in hypnosis you are highly alert, and can stop the process at any time.

I am a board certified professional hypnotherapist practicing in the City of Toronto.

Let me be your guide to uncover the awesome power that is your subconscious or unconscious mind.

Hypnosis is powerful it worked for me and it can work for you. Remember to use the free self hypnosis page to guide you in your self- improvement.

I improved my sports performances and achieved my dreams by using law of attraction and sports hypnosis. Let this website be your guide in your self enhancement, personal development, and extraordinary healing.

"Be a risk taker with law of attraction and sports hypnosis. Become a pioneer with law of attraction and sports hypnosis. Achieve Olympic medals with law of attraction and sports hypnosis. Compete naturally with law of attraction and sports hypnosis. Do the impossible with law of attraction and sports hypnosis."

Quote from Angela Bailey

If you have ever considered building your own website, like I have done, then this is a place of honesty and integrity, where your success is their number one priority. Just click and listen.

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